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All Hands In

Working for progressive legislation around access to resources

We advocate for improved policies and legislation around access to education from birth to adulthood, heightened public awareness of the social and institutional frameworks that hinder opportunity for Haitian community, and the empowerment of this community to directly mobilize for change.

HACONET amplifies the voices of the Haitian community with regard to education, language access, early care, immigration, health and child welfare issues. HACONET supports the fundamental rights of Haitians at the local, state, and national levels.

Activities Include:

  • Research and publication of fact sheets, issue briefs and policy reports

  • Advocacy workshops

  • Coalition and partnership building

  • Forums, briefings and discussion panels

Strategies for Change

HACONET is committed to quality research on issues facing Haitians in the United States. We use primary sources, such as government data and firsthand accounts of our program participants and staff, as well as scholarly texts and articles to inform our publications and positions, and to keep service providers, community organizations, policymakers, and families informed about policies that impact our communities.


HACONET advocacy activities prepare parents and youth to advocate on their own behalf. It also prepares permanent residents for the US naturalization exam so that they can maximize their civil rights and magnify their political voices.

We work intensively with a myriad of strategic partners to foster positive change for Haitians. HACONET organizes forums, submits public testimony, and works with public officials to address the needs of our community.

Engagement through Civic Action

We prepare students in our Youth Development programs for the responsibilities of citizenship through workshops on advocacy skills and citizens’ rights and responsibilities.

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