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HaCoNet is your gateway to connect to the Haitian community.

At the Haitian Community Network we believe that connection brings opportunities. That's why we are here to make sure that we are connected. We want to be the bridge that connects us all.

HACONET is in the business of accelerating change and progress. We serve as a catalyst that promotes positive and proactive solutions that heal communities, create opportunities, and engage in civic action.

Hope is what fuels our work and daily commitment to push forward. Hope that positive change is possible when power and will are applied and leveraged for the common good. We know that the systems and policies that have failed our families and communities can be fixed or replaced. We draw upon the collective history and strength of all immigrant communities that have settled in the U.S., a country guided and governed by a declaration that ALL men and women are created equal and have a right to pursuit happiness.


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