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This is Us!

HACONET (Haitian Community Network) is the first Haitian Community Network that brings the whole Haitian Community in the Diaspora under one Umbrella

Throughout our short time of existence, we have experienced steady growth and demonstrated consistent value.

HACONET continues to build upon its proud legacy with a mission: To empower and develop Haitian men and women as leaders of character for the community, in every sector and aspect of life. HACONET's work is rooted and established on trust. HACONET knows that anything is possible when we work together. Our team, board, community partners and donors are tied together by a mutual commitment to support and lift up every Haitian in the our community.

The bridge  that connects us all

Connecting for Great Impacts


Creating social awareness for better communication and therefore a thriving community


Check out the resources we have available for our HACONET family


HaCoNet exists to unleash the power of Haitians in Columbus OH. HaCoNet's core values reflect the rich and diverse Haitian culture and history. That's what guides our commitment to honor people, families, & communities.


To Inspire, Empower, & Impact the Haitian Community

HaCoNet is the bridge that connects the Haitian community with the right services & resources. Our Impacts include Community Support, Education, Health & Wellness



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Connecting for Great Impacts in the Haitian Community



We advance Haitian collective influence, success, dreams and visions in Ohio. We actively seek to better ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

We promote equity, access and participation for all Haitians. Everyone is welcome. We are committed to inclusiveness, representing the diversity of the people and communities we serve.

We embrace an asset-based view of Haitian culture and achievements. We celebrate our common successes and the success of each individual in the Haitian Community.

We aim for growth in all aspects, collectively and independently. HaCoNet provides meaningful, life-long learning experiences for both children & adults. We are dedicated to innovative and active teaching and learning, through all stages of life

Join our Family
HaCoNet knows that anything is possible when we work together. Our Team, Board, Community Partners and Donors are tied together by a mutual commitment to support and lift the next generation of Haitians.
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HACONET is committed to convening Haitians from all over Ohio to connect, strategize, learn, network and amplify our collective impact. We offer a range of events for you throughout the year.
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Interested in becoming a partner? We are dedicated to put our community on the map by responding to their immediate needs. You can help us by joining forces with us today. There is a lot we can do together.
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HACONET offers support and guidance to many local resources that our community can benefit from. If you need assistance with finding specific resources for yourself and your loved ones, please give us a call.

If we don’t have the answers you are looking for, we will connect you to someone who will.

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